August 5, 2020

As August is already upon us (where did the summer go?) many of us have already begun to think about next summers garden. We are thinking about the things that flourished and the plants that maybe didn't do as well as we had hoped. It is always great to think ahead wit...

July 29, 2020

Intercropping is an old technique that is coming back into popularity as gardeners are having to make the most use out of limited space. It allows you to diversify what you grow and it reduces pests and disease. Certain plants, known as companion plants, are beneficial...

July 21, 2020

Annuals are plants that need to be replanted in your garden every year. They germinate quickly after the winter so that they do not have to compete for food and light. The growth of annuals are triggered by the length of the day and once the light is just right, annual...

July 14, 2020

Do you find yourself throwing out perfectly good veggie scraps, that you may not want to put in your dinner, but don't feel great just throwing away? We do! That's why we decided to find a way to reduce our food waste by turning those scraps into delicious veggie broth...

July 9, 2020

This week the GARDENS project collaborated with Humber Indigenous Education and Engagement to share content and knowledge surrounding traditional planting ceremonies using sage and pearly everlasting, which are both native to South Etobicoke. Lynn Short facilitated the...

July 3, 2020

These are important things to consider as we try to be more conscious consumers who use less and reuse more. It is impossible to be perfect, but there are certain tips and tricks that can help you on your journey to reducing the waste you create. 

(Due to Covid-19...

June 24, 2020

As the summer gets underway and your plants continue to grow, you may have noticed a change in some of your favourite herbs and veggies. If you've noticed some of your plants beginning to grow long stems and flower it is likely they have begun to bolt. 

What i...

June 16, 2020

There are lots of amazing things about living in the city, but having easy access to your own green space isn't always one of them! 

But that doesn't mean that you can't grow your own herbs and veggies. It's all about being inventive with the space you have. We've come...

June 5, 2020

We wanted to take a minute to introduce everyone working with the GARDENS project this summer. For obvious reasons, this season is going to be a bit different than previous ones. One thing we do know, is that community gardens are more important than ever! We are facin...

July 12, 2019

As summer has (finally) gotten into full swing, we have begun to reap the rewards of all of our hard work. So far we have been able to donate over 75 lbs (34 kg) of produce to the Daily Bread Food Bank! 

With the help of some fantastic volunteers⁠—like Adelaide (pi...

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