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The GARDENS Advisory Council

We are a collaborative grassroots group made up of residents, agencies, and community college and faith groups living in and around the South Etobicoke Community. The project team has an extensive educational background in areas such as health promotions, health and nutrition, food security, and urban studies. Partnerships have been formed on a number of initiatives. Some of us have had considerable experience working together (at least 15 years) on various projects.

LAMP CHC is a multi-service, community based charitable organization that provides a wide range of programs and services to improve a person’s health. LAMP uses a coordinated approach to connect people to medical services and other programs that build personal resources. By providing services that improve physical, emotional, social, and economic well-being, people can better control their health and environment. 

The Humber community is comprised of 27,500 full-time and 56,000 continuing education registrants across three campuses. Our students, faculty, and staff contribute to the local communities and there are many volunteer opportunities and ways to celebrate Humber’s diversity.

Quest Brands is a manufacturer of fencing and garden products. The company made a generous donation of supplies for the 2018 season that enabled us to build trellises and supports for all of our vine and climbing plants. Thank you Quest!

LEGS is a gardening and environmental society that aims to create and maintain harmony between the land and the people. They strive to create and protect beautiful landscapes while also protecting the wildlife that surrounds us. They also advocate for healthier, stronger, and vibrant neighbourhood ties through gardening.

A community group of local residents and park users dedicated to protecting, enhancing and preserving the naturalized areas of Colonel Samuel Smith Park in South Etobicoke, Ontario.

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