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Strawberry Picking, Eat Better for a Healthy Planet!

On Saturday, July 8th The GARDENS organized a community event to pick strawberries. We had a full house; the bus was filled with families, children and friends. Downey’s Farm Market accommodated our large group without any problems; the processing time was quick and efficient. The farm created a welcoming atmosphere. Whether it was picking strawberries or raspberries, visiting the petting zoo, sharing ice cream or relaxing under the shade, everyone had something pleasant to do. Berry picking provided an educational experience for the people who attended. When you pick your own produce, you benefit from chemical free fruits and vegetables. Purchasing organic produce from grocery stores come at a premium, but when you pick your own fruits and vegetables from local farms you gain the benefit of fresh air, exercise and chemical free organic produce at a fraction of the cost.

The GARDENS Pod Project focuses on promoting awareness and access and how city dwellers can have access to organically grown produce. Currently, there are 13 GARDENS Pod Sites throughout South Etobicoke. Including locations at LAMP CHC, Barsa Kelly Cari Can Coop and Humber College. The Garden Pods are set up and cared for by the Pod Planter Providers (residential or institutional/business pods volunteers) where a portion of harvest is given back to the community supporting the local food bank and other food-related programs.

Throughout the summer The GARDENS has scheduled weekly workshops that promote, educate and motivate the community to make positive healthy eating changes. On Wednesday, July 12th Monika Meulman facilitated a workshop called “Eating Better for a Healthy Planet”. She created an informative class where she taught and demonstrated how food impacts the environment in positive or negative ways. Monika described the problems with our current food system and how we can actively improve it. Healthy food samples were made to taste. Helpful tips were discussed on how to save money and preserve produce. Overall, this workshop provided an educational experience for all participants

With every workshop that passes, our numbers increase. We hope to continue increasing the number of participants per workshop.

If you are interested in attending one of our future workshops please visit: or email to join our mail


Humber College and LAMP CHC

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