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Introducing the Team

We wanted to take a minute to introduce everyone working with the GARDENS project this summer. For obvious reasons, this season is going to be a bit different than previous ones. One thing we do know, is that community gardens are more important than ever! We are facing new challenges and trying our best to adapt. Luckily we have an awesome team this year who are invested in making sure this is the best season yet!


Jess-Project Coordinator

Jess is currently a postgraduate student at Humber College in International Development. She is passionate about nature and its benefits, mental health awareness and community development.

Favourite veggie: cauliflower.

Gabi- Project Coordinator

Gabi is an International Development student, who is passionate about the environment and the power grassroots groups have in leading change in urban centres.

Favourite veggie: spinach.

Lucy-Senior Project Coordinator

Lucy is currently studying International Development and is working with the project for a second year. She believes it is important to maintain a connection with nature, especially when living in an urban centre.

Favourite veggie: bok choy.

Amarachi -Operations Site Coordinator

Amarachi was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. She is a graduate of International Relations and Diplomacy, a post-graduate student of International Development and an aspiring human rights activist and diplomat.

Favourite veggie: carrots & tomatoes.

Dazzle- Operations Site Coordinator

Dazzle is an international student from the Philippines, studying International Development at Humber. She likes gardening with her dad.

Favourite veggie: corn

Vanessa-Operations Site Coordinator

Vanesssa is a Bachelor of Community Development and Global Citizenship team member from Humber Lakeshore, previously studied at UBC and Ryerson. She is a mother, small business owner and outdoor/gardening enthusiast. She is interested in food sustainability policy, native and pollinator gardens and green space development systems.

Favourite veggie: Tomato

Holly- Operations Site Coordinator

Holly has studied philosophy, beekeeping and international development and is thrilled to learn more about conservation and environmental sustainability.

We only have one planet and it is something to love!

Favourite veggie: Potatoes (especially come August!)


Humber College and LAMP CHC

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