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Planting Crops for Fall

As August is already upon us (where did the summer go?) many of us have already begun to think about next summers garden. We are thinking about the things that flourished and the plants that maybe didn't do as well as we had hoped. It is always great to think ahead with gardening, so we can make sure we have the best season we can.

That being said, the season isn't done yet! We still have time to plant colder weather crops, and extend our harvest well into the fall.

Below is a list of plants that do well in the fall, to make sure that you can keep your gardening going as long as you can.

There are many benefits to planting in the fall including warmer soil temperatures which encourage seeds to germinate and roots to grow.

Many weeds thrive in warmth, and slow down with cooler temperatures, this means plants aren't competing against weeds for rain and sun.

Insect pests also go down in numbers as well, which gives fall plants a chance to thrive!

Planting perennials, shrubs and trees in the fall can get them off to a better start the next spring.

Happy Fall Planting!


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