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The Benefits of Eating In-Season

Living in an urban centre, we are able to constantly access nearly any fresh fruit or vegetable we desire. We no longer have to consider what is in-season when, but instead are able to have our pick any time of year. Although there are positives to this, eating in season provides a wonderful range of benefits to both your diet and the planet. Below is a list of some of the reasons we think eating in-season is important.

1. It reduces your carbon foot print.

Eating in-season means that produce doesn't need to travel as far. Do you ever consider how far a banana needs to travel to reach you in December? Eating produce that is in-season increases the likelihood that your fruits and veggies are coming from a local source. Grocery stores typically list where produce is from, so be sure to check the label!

2. It's cost efficient.

When produce is in-season, it is more abundant. As a result, the prices drop. Since in-season produce is likely coming from a local source, the cost of shipping is lowered, which further reduces the price.

3. It's fresher and more nutrient dense.

In season produce is fresher and often consumed closer to harvesting. Certain nutrients decline rapidly in fruits and vegetables, so the longer the time from plant to plate, the lower the produce's nutritional value.

4. Reduces pesticides and preservatives.

When produce has to travel far distances to get to your fridge, it is likely that it has been sprayed with pesticides and preservatives to ensure it remains edible after the journey. So eating in-season reduces the amount of unhealthy chemicals you are ingesting.

5. Community benefits

Here at the GARDENS, we are all about community, and buying from local producers helps keep the economy thriving. Buying local also increases community engagement and makes you feel more connected to the people around you.

6. It just tastes better!

There is no denying that eating produce in-season just simply tastes better! Having a strawberry in July is just a whole different ball-game then having one in January.

We realize that it's not always possible to eat in-season. Especially in a country like Canada, that is blanketed in snow for half of the year. However, whenever possible, we highly recommend buying and eating local!


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