The GARDENS Pod Project is similar to the concept of a community garden except the pods tend to be smaller, mobile, raised beds that don’t need a lot of space and are spread throughout the community.

The Pods were conceived as a module that could be either integrated into the Community Hub/Urban Farm multiple times or dispersed within the local community multiple times. Pods are defined as ‘sites’ that serve the end goal of supplying food to persons that are food insecure.

We have developed three classifications of pods, an organization pod (hosted and managed by a business or an organization), a residential pod (residents interested in sharing produce) and a community pod.

Our Community Pod is an expansive pod model that includes mobile raised planter harvesters, a market kiosk, potential programming and, social gathering space. This year, the project will only include organization and residential pods.


One of the GARDENS mandates is to build community engagement as well as provide education. We would like to involve volunteers in the planting process.

Planting will take place in the month of May (depending on the weather). The GARDENS Pod Project Operations Coordinator will reach out to you, the Pod Site Provider to schedule the initial planting (3 hours estimated time frame) as well as assist with organizing Gardener Volunteers if required. The planting will also include an educational component which the GARDENS Advisory Committee will provided.

Note: GARDENS Pods are to use only organic practices, no chemical fertilizers and, pesticides.


As a Pod Site Provider, you are responsible for completing the GARDENS Pod Project Harvest Data Summary Sheet as well, contacting the GARDENS Operations Coordinator at or 416-675-6622 ext. 3302 with pick-up instructions. Please note that pick-ups are usually planned for Mondays. (except holiday Mondays – pick-ups are Tuesdays).


All participants/pod site providers/volunteers will be invited to an end of season Harvest celebration and project debrief.


All GARDENS Pod Site Providers will be equipped with Irrigatia solar powered self-watering systems.


Pod site providers will still maintain the pods by weeding, harvesting and recording the donated produce on the Harvest Data Summary Sheet.


Visit for more information on the watering systems

Project Partners



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Education Coordinator

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