Pod Project

The GARDENS Pod Project started in 2016. It was originally conceived as an idea to build various planters to create a larger Community Garden. Limited access to land allowed the advisory council to look at various options and the Pod Project was born.


Pods tend to be 4ft X 4ft raised planter beds that are spread throughout the community within different organizations. The end goal is to donate the produce harvested to the Daily Bread Food Bank, LAMP CHC Good Food Market, or to persons within the South Etobicoke community that need it. ​

Project Elements

Apply to be A


Request planters for your organization. Pods use minimal space. All we ask is for you to maintain plants and a portion of the harvest to be donated back into the community.

preparation and Planting

Plantings take place every May. The Operations Coordinator schedules dates with sitesPods only use organic practices, no chemical fertilizers and, pesticides.

Planter pod Maintenance

The planters need regular watering and maintenance throughout the season. Providers and volunteers support growing the fruit and vegetables.

harvest and celebration

Harvest is tracked with the Data Summary Sheet. The Operations Coordinator plans harvest pick-up days. At season end a celebration is held for all our providers and volunteers.