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The GARDENS Healthy Soil Workshop

The GARDENS Pod Project has a spectacular summer planned for the South Etobicoke community. There will be a series of education gardening workshops designed to inspire the community to make a healthy lifestyle change that will strengthen the green movement.

On Tuesday, June 13th 2017 we started with one of the fundamental elements in gardening—good soil. Our gardening expert and instructor Monika Meulman, instructed Healthy Soil, a workshop on the tips and tricks to creating quality soil. Each participant got their hands dirty by mixing various nutrients together creating a sample of what plants love—rich soil. Monika describes soil as the number one consideration when growing a garden. Members left with different bags of nutrient filled soil with intent to strengthen their own home gardens.

Today, there are an enormous amount of chemicals that are added to our food. Vegetables and fruits are healthy, but the chemicals added to them make it toxic for humans to consume. Organic foods are often cited as the alternative yet organic foods cannot always be easily found in grocery stores or, are they affordable. The GARDENS promotes the idea of having your own garden to grow fresh, organic fruits and vegetables-- it is fun, healthy, and a fraction of the cost. Opportunities to join the food movement (green movement) will be offered through our workshop series in July and August. Did we mention, all workshops are completely FREE!

If you are interested in attending our future workshops please keep updated through our website or through our Facebook page TheGardensLakeshore. If you have any other questions in regards to the workshops we run, please email us at

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