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Open Season!

The GARDENS season has begun and it's shaping up to be a great one! We've been out and about in the South Etobicoke community since the beginning of May building and planting Pods and involving community members in the process. We've got lots of workshops and events planned for the summer and we can't wait to grow our community even more, so be sure to come by sometime and say hi!

And of course we've got lots of pictures to share!

We've been building new pods at new sites and expanding at our existing ones!

We filled our new pods with soil and topped up the old ones

We've had lots of help from students at our school sites who are eager to learn all about gardening and growing food.

Now that we've planted we can't wait for our gardens to start growing!

We've already had a few visitors and we hope that you'll join us throughout the season too!

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